Chartres and Versailles

Chartres is situated in the heart of the Beauce valley, corn attic of the Ile de France region. The region holds a very important place in the French history.

The monument built in the early 12th century is famous for its three portals of which the royal portal with its incomparable architectural masterpiece of the roman art. The other gorgeous specific characteristic of the monument is the wonderful stained glass windows from the 12th & 13th centuries with its unique blue colour called “the blue of Chartres”. This is the most important collection in France our guide will describe. Radiantly colourful, exceptionally expressive, there are 172 stained glass windows covering a total of 2600 sq meters.

Inside you will discover a mysterious circle labyrinth inserted in the pavement. This is a witness of the medieval time.

The monument is a symbol of the gothic architecture recognised as a Unesco World Heritage but the city of Chartres is a charming small city with its old narrow paths and museums. There are also some nice craft shops, shops and markets maintaining the lively and picturesque charm of the medieval past.

In the afternoon, you will visit Versailles Palace.

With its three chateaux, gardens and parks, Versailles is an immense estate. Louis XIV the Sun King is the creative force of Versailles. He turned Versailles into a sumptuous estate and the symbol of absolute monarchy in the 17th century.

Louis Le Vau and then Jules Hardouin-Mansart and Charles Lebrun are the main architects both Versailles and the Grand Trianon and André Le Notre for the gardens.

You will visit the State Apartments with its 8 rooms, the Hall of Mirrors, the King and Queens’ apartments and since July 2006 some new rooms recently renovated, the Royal Chapel and the Royal Opera Opera.

Beyond the chateau, stretch the gardens and the park. At the foot of the chateau, Le Nôtre created the parterres, designed to be viewed from the terraces. You will see the Grand Perspective which draws the eye to the horizon with its Latona and Apollo fountains. You will stroll to the north and south parterres full of flowers. You will see the various groves in the gardens : the Baldroom and the Colonnade, the Enceladus…


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